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Our tourists, who constantly asked where to listen to a small concert, with a guitar and Georgian songs, pushed us to the idea of creating such a project. So, in April 2018, the project “Sounds of Georgia” appeared - regular mini-concerts of live multi-genre Georgian music in the authentic places of Tbilisi, created specifically for tourists. In the first year of its existence Sounds of Georgia became a nominee of Welcome to Georgia Tourism National Award.
After all, the stereotype that all Georgians sing is not a stereotype. It's true! Everyone in Georgia sings and everyone who comes here starts singing as well. We only give our guests the opportunity to touch the spirit of Georgian music.
The concert involves both professional musicians and students of the Tbilisi Conservatoire, as well as ordinary Tbilisi citizens who love to sing and do so with pleasure for our guests.
Sounds of Georgia concerts can be attended 4 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at 17:00.
The duration of the mini-concert is 40 minutes.
Our aim is to popularize Georgian musical culture. We see the joy that our guests get, and experience it ourselves, understanding that our hospitable project works well. The concert takes place without any microphones and amplifiers, so the number of seats at the concert is limited.

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Sounds of Georgia team:

Nana Tabidze - the founder, leader and inspirer of the project.
Nino Tsitlanadze - project manager,
as well as musicians, entertainers and coordinators at the locations.

Nana Tabidze

Nana Tabidze -is a person with a great life history, characteristic for our times.
In the 90s, a very difficult periods in Georgia, dermatologist Nana Tabidze left her medical practice in Tbilisi and went to Moscow. A year later, she began working as a representative in the global medical giant Johnson & Johnson and 7 years later became a head of LifeScan division of the country in the same company. After a dizzying career at Johnson & Johnson, Nana held the positions of Russian Market Development Manager at Medtronic B.V, then General Manager for Russia at Abbott Diabetes Care. She got lots of brilliant managerial decisions, government and industry awards, and professional success.
Several years ago, Nana decided to return to Georgia, and with her usual enthusiasm she discovered a new field of activity - tourism. In January 2014, Linata LTD was established, under the auspices of which Sounds of Georgia project is being implemented now. Tourism for Nana is also the subject of her pedagogical and research work. She is a visiting assistant professor at the Caucasian University, Free University, Tbilisi State Medical University.
In addition to Sounds of Georgia, Nana is promoting Kefal Fest in the coastal town of Poti and the project of the first Georgian steerfood - Chadida.

Nino Tsitlanadze

Nino Tsitlanadze - Nino Tsitlanadze is directly related to art management. She is PhD in art management with 10 years of experience on a wide variety of projects. Until recently, she had successfully headed the PR Department of Alexander Griboedov Tbilisi State Russian Drama Theater.
But then, she decided to attempt freelance, and now she has been assembling our project from its very beginning.
Nino is British Council’s UK-Georgia Season 2019 program Youth Board member. She is also the cultural leader of the EU & Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Program in Georgia.Nino Tsitlanadze is an art journalist and communications specialist, as well as a guest lecturer at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). And she is absolutely happy with her work with teenagers at Smart Start business school, where she conducts Soft Skills training course.



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Sounds of Georgia

Would you like to listen to Georgian music live in the most extraordinary places in Tbilisi?

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